Ubica we select the best location four you event

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“The best selection of advertising location,
guarantees the success of the campaign”



From the simplest stand, to the most complex Road Show, all events need planning and previous analysis. We take the location seriously.

Ubica offers you the planning needed to detect the points of largest coverage. And that means the highest number of impacts for your event. We rely on tools, used for measurement of outdoor advertising coverage.

The experience, in organization of long duration events, allows us to develop and plan timings and routes. Only that will make possible to optimize your budget for the promotional campaign in various locations.


The experience of our team in the creation and development of advertising campaigns already made us familiar with the functioning of the public administration.

We inform you about the local regulations, about the time you will need to get the permission from city authorities and the more convenient location for your event. We want to help you to start the action that only a few days ago seemed impossible!